Here at Appliance Care we’ve become renowned for our services in Dublin, not only have we become one of the leading supplier’s of reconditioned Stuart Turner / Monsoom Pumps in Ireland, We have also become the number one company of choice for apartment pump repairs & servicing by most property management companies / landlords & home owners.

Repairs and Servicing make up a very large part of our turnover and that’s why it is very important to us to ensure that all our engineers carry all the spare parts for the most common Stuart Turner pumps used in Ireland which we have listed below, Our growth is based upon our commitment to customer care & service.

Replacing a domestic water pump is expensive and in most cases it costs several hundred euro, and then the plumubing installation costs, but in fact most breakdowns are repaired for a fraction of the cost compaired to a replacement one.

The most common faults with water pumps are as follows:

  • Leaking at the shaft
  • Pump comes on by itself every few minutes
  • Humming or low click noise
  • Shower not working
  • Pump runs constantly

90% of breakdowns can be repaired on site, And for that 10% rare event that your pump has to be repaired in our work shop or is beyond repair we will always have a fully reconditioned pump on standby in the van to loan you.

stuart-turner-pumps-logoSome of the many reasons why most customers choose Appliance care for their Stuart Turner pumps / Monsoon pump repairs is:

  • We specialise in Stuart Turner pumps
  • Our on site repairs
  • We carry all the spare parts for the pumps listed below
  • We’ll also carry a cover pump in the van
  • Our Gaurantee
  • Prompt callout service
  • Low cost repairs
  • Our online payment page
  • Fully Insured & RGI Registered

We repair the following types of Stuart Turner pumps:

stuart-turner-pumpsTwin Negative Head M330N, M550N.
Stuart Turner Positive Head ST55,ST66.
Monsoon Universal Twin N1.5 bar twin,N2.0 bar twin,N3.0 bar twin and N4.0 bar twin
Stuart Turner Monsoon N1.5 bar twin export
Stuart Turner Monsoon N2.0 bar twin export
Stuart Turner Monsoon N3.0 bar twin export pumps
Stuart Turner Monsoon N4.0 bar twin export pumps

These domestic water pumps are mostly used in Appartments & Houses to pump hot & could water to your taps, toilets & showers.


Our Stock of New and Reconditioned Stuart Turner Pumps We offer a 6 months warranty on all workshop repairs and a 12 months warranty on all callout repairs parts and labour subject to full system check.